EEE 315 Microprocessor and Interfacing

3 credits, 3 hours/week Last updated: August 25, 2015

Introduction to microprocessors. Intel 8086 microprocessor: Architecture, addressing modes, instruction sets, assembly language programming, system design and interrupt. Interfacing: programmable peripheral interface, programmable timer, serial communication interface, programmable interrupt controller, direct memory access, keyboard and display interface. Introduction to micro-controllers.

Textbooks and References

  1. Digital Computer Electronics - Albert P. Malvino and Jerald A. Brown (3rd Edition)
  2. Assembly Language Programming and Organization of the IBM PC - Ytha Yu and Charles Marut
  3. Microprocessor and Interfacing Programming and Hardware - Douglas V. Hall
  • Microprocessors and Microcomputer-Based System Design - Mohammed Rafiquzzaman (2nd edition)
  • The Intel Microprocessors - Barry B. Brey (6th Edition)
  • The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems - M. A. Mazidi, J. G. Mazidi, R. D. McKinlay

Lecture Plan


Class Tests

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